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COVID-19 Measures

COVID-19 Infection Prevention Measures at JAPAN PACK 2022

JAPAN PACK 2022 will be run in accordance with “Policy Measure for Preventing Novel Coronavirus Infection at Exhibitions” published by Tokyo Big Sight Inc., “Exhibition Industry Guidelines for Preventing the Spread of COVID-19 Infection” published by Japan Exhibition Association, and other policy measures of Japanese government. We will proceed preparation for its opening with closely monitoring the situation, and taking measures to prevent infection.

Priority Commitment at JAPAN PACK 2022
At the Venue

・The layout plan will be designed to avoid density.
・On-site signage and floor markings shall be installed at locations where queuing is expected, such as receptions.
・Acrylic plates, etc. will be installed to prevent droplet transmission and contact infection.
・Hand-sanitizers will be made easily accessible in common areas, such as lounges, rest area, etc.
・For ventilation at the exhibition hall, the entrance and exit will be opened regularly to the extent that there is no hindrance in terms of operation and safety.

Checking at the entry

・Every morning temperature checks and physical condition checks are conducted thoroughly for all staffs entrusted by the organizer.
・Compulsory for all personnel entering the exhibition hall to wear face masks, wash, and sanitize hands.
・Compulsory for all visitors, and exhibitors to undergo thermography and other heat-detecting devices at the entry.
・Organizer will inform expectant visitors of the duty to wear face masks and to sanitize their fingers and to check the temperature when visiting.
・Organizer will prepare a manual for the case if suspected of transmission happens, and will deal with it appropriately in cooperation with relevant organizations.
・Organizer must disallow entry of people who failed at temperature checking (37.5℃ and above), and who have offered for bad physical condition at the entry.
・Organizer will reduce face-to-face contact at the venue through pre-registration of visitors, and self-check-in, etc.
・Organizer recommends “COVID-19 Contact-Confirming Application (COCOA)” made by Ministry of Health, Labour, and Welfare, and similar system of Tokyo metropolitan ver. to those entering the exhibition hall.

Control of Entrance

・Organizer requests visitors to register with the “Pre-registration System”, and will make efforts to determine expected number of visitors.
・Organizer confirm the number of visitors and restrict entry in case of congestion.
・Organizer will make announcements at the venue as necessary to prevent density.

At the seminar

・It is mandatory for the attendees to register with the “pre-attendance registration system”.
・Organizer will install plastic sheet to prevent droplet infection on the rostrum of the speaker, and secure the range (about 2m) from the front row of the attendees.
・The distance between the attendees should be kept at an appropriate physical distance.
・Seminars will be designed to open the doors of each rooms, perform in open spaces, and provide adequate ventilation.
・All equipment such as microphones, computers, etc., used by speakers will be disinfected every time.
・To avoid infection, Organizer will inform attendees that they need to bring writing instruments, drinking water, etc. if necessary.
・Events such as opening ceremony, reception party, etc. might be canceled if the risk of infection will be expected.

Requests to exhibitors, contractors, people involved 
Measures for booth design and booth operation

・When designing the exhibition booth, please make the design in consideration of avoiding density and reducing the burden on-site construction.
・For details on decoration regulations, please refer to the “Exhibition Manual” published later.
・When talking with visitors on a face-to-face, please make sure to wear the face mask and prepare equipment for avoiding droplet infection, and for ventilation as necessary.
・Please sanitize common areas where people touch, such as door knobs of the booth, as appropriate.
・Please make sure to sanitize exhibiting products frequently, and prevent visitors from touching them.
・Masks, face shields, gloves, etc. must be sealed in plastic bags, and they must be disposed of by a cleaning and waste disposal company.

Announcement to the customers and countermeasures

・When inviting customers, please make announcement of precautions such as the requirement to pre-registration, checking temperature at the venue, and wearing a face mask.
・Please adjust the date and time as much as possible in advance of business talk at the venue, and please consider using on-line meetings on the other day, not to extend to a long time.
・Please refrain from talking, and calling in loud voices, including during business talks.
・Please consider using digitizing materials for product pamphlets and company guides to prevent contact infection.

Ensuring the safety of staffs

・Please make sure to prepare a list of all staff members entering the venue during the exhibition period including installation and tear down, and submit them to the organizer in advance.
・We ask all the staff members to check temperature and physical conditions every morning.
・Please prepare face masks, face shield, etc. for the staff members, and the hand sanitizer used in the booth.
・Please make sure to wear face masks, wash hands at an appropriate frequency, and sanitize hands.
・Please sanitize hands thoroughly each time you finish business talk with your customers.
・Contractors are not allowed to enter the exhibition hall until the exhibitor has finished carrying out.

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